Equipment Hire

Golf Cart Hire

Are you sick of walking around the golf course? If you're unable to walk or just can't be bothered, then we've got you covered. At Geelong Golf Club you can hire one of our 8 golf carts if you want to save your energy for playing golf.

Equipment Hire Price
Turf Chopper - 9 Holes AUD$20.00 per person
Turf Chopper - 18 Holes AUD$30.00 per person
Golf Cart - 9 Holes AUD$25.00 or AUD$12.50 per person
Golf Cart - 18 Holes AUD$45.00 or AUD$22.50 per person
*Driver's liceence is required

Turf Chopper Information Hub

The Canadian-built Turf Chopper phenomenon hit Australian soil in late 2018, with Belgravia Leisure rolling out the first fleet of single-riders across three of their Victorian golf courses. 

Hiring a Turf Chopper

If you're booked in to ride for 9 or 18 holes, you're required to watch this safety video prior to use. One of our pro shop attendants will assist on the day with docking your clubs onto the turf chopper.

What Is a Turf Chopper

A revolutionary battery powered single rider golf cart that enables you to sit down and ride in comfort with the simple twist of the throttle.

With multiple models all having their own unique characteristics, we can satisfy any golfers carting needs. All four Turf Chopper models offer golfers the option to ride, walk or both.

Turf Choppers are fun to use, providing you with the time and freedom you need to play your best, making golf more entertaining and enjoyable for everyone.

Feel Better, Play Better, Score Better

Golf is a game, and games are supposed to be fun.
 The Turf Chopper product line helps golfers of all skill levels and ages shoot their best golf by making it easier to play 18 holes.

There is a reason professional golfers don’t carry or push their bags, it is energy consuming and takes up valuable energy that could cost them a stroke down the stretch.

Combining that with some physical challenges due to injuries, accidents, age, etc., using a Turf Chopper can help you have more fun playing the game you love by making it easier for you to tap into your ability to feel better, play better, score better.

Turf Chopper Safety Video

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